ILS Training

Our worldwide approach to ILS training addresses three distinct levels:

An introductory level focused on imparting a solid understanding of ILS principles/concepts;
Next, an understanding of OmegaPS software tools; and
Lastly, combining these two general knowledge levels with practical demonstrations, case studies and exercises to create a business process oriented context.
We address specific ILS activities and processes as they apply over both Defence and Commercial Equipment System life cycle by leveraging this “three level” approach to training.

Our courses comprise a tailored set of modules, and these can be tailored to meet a customer’s requirements by merging content drawn from all three levels of training into a process-based flow. A course case study is used to provide relevant practical training and demonstrations in ILS processes, tools and techniques for the students.

Teaching methods used may include:

  • Lecture;
  • Questioning techniques;
  • Discussion groups;
  • Software and process demonstrations;
  • Case study practical exercises;
  • Modularized instruction; or
  • Job aids.

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