Training Systems

Pennant is a leading provider of technology based training solutions to Defence, Aerospace, and safety critical industries. An established supplier to the UK MoD and major defence contractors, Pennant has a proven capability in the Design, Development, Manufacture and Support of training services and solutions including:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Computer Assisted Learning courseware / Multimedia solutions (Instructor led)
  • Self-Paced Computer Based Training - CBT
  • Virtual Reality (VR) & 3D walkthrough applications
  • Screen Based Emulators
  • Electronic Classrooms
  • Hardware based Part Task Trainers (PTT)
  • Hardware and Software Based Simulators for Operators and Maintainers
  • Product Support

Training Needs Analysis

The Company undertakes Training Needs Analysis to define the training need and the most cost-effective means of delivering training.

Computer Assisted Instruction / Multi-media Solutions

Pennant has produced over 1800 hrs of high quality, Instructor led, technical training courseware for defence applications. The courseware is used to support maintenance training courses at 23 Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Army training establishments in the UK, and the Middle East and Australia.

Courseware is designed using multi-media techniques including high quality 3D graphics, animations, video, etc. blended together to form cost effective, seamless instructional material designed for visual impact to retain student attention. Pennant also has an Enabling Contract with the UK MoD for the provision of SCORM 2004 compliant Web-Based courseware.

Computer Based Training

Pennant has extensive experience in producing high quality interactive CBT and e-Learning courseware for a wide range of defence, government, and commercial applications. Including:

  • UK - Military Generic (basic principles) Instructor-Led courseware
  • UK - Military aircraft specific Instructor-Led courseware
  • UK - Army Lynx 7 / 9 pilot CBT
  • UK - Royal Navy T45 Destroyer SCORM CBT
  • Canada - Air Weapons Procedure Trainer (AWPT) SCORM CBT
  • Australian - Hawk maintainer / pilot CBT
  • USA - Dry Support Bridge for the US Marines
  • Holland - Generic EW training courseware for the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN)

Virtual Reality (VR)


Pennant has produced a virtual walkthrough of the Royal Navy’s Astute submarine. This virtual walkthrough allows crewmembers to acquaint themselves with the layout of the boat, by permitting them to freely move about the submarine, open/close doors and hatches and climb ladders. For the Royal Air Force Pennant has developed a Synthetic Marshalling Trainer that enables the student to practice their marshalling skills in a virtual environment using a number of different aircraft types on a generic airfield in varied weather conditions during the day or night.

Screen Based Emulators


For more advanced applications, Pennant produces PC screen based emulations of complex equipment or processes with accurate mathematical modelling of performance. Such system typically allows free play fault-finding against a wide range of simulated fault conditions. The accurate system modelling adds another dimension to the training in that a fault in one subsystem or component is accurately reflected in other subsystems and in the overall behaviour of the target equipment or process. Pennant has produced such advanced systems in support of the BAE SYSTEMS Hawk aircraft for Indonesia, Australia, and South Africa and AgustaWestland for the Super Lynx helicopter.


Electronic Classrooms


Pennant has experience in providing fully networked electronic classroom equipment to support CAI and CBT implementations. In excess of 120 Pennant Presentation Systems (PPS) have been delivered at many military training establishments.

Pennant has also supplied electronic classrooms to:

  • Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Indonesian Defence Forces
  • Australian Defence Forces
  • South African Defence Forces

Hardware Based Part Task Trainers and Simulators


Pennant has in-house capability and expertise to produce hardware based training systems for those applications where physical fidelity is required to meet the training objectives. Recent examples of these types of system include:

  • VRPT – Virtual Reality Parachute Trainer for ab initio parachutists to practice their skills and rehearse malfunction procedures
  • SEPT – an aircraft ground handling and marshalling trainer
  • GenFly – a generic airframe to train flight control system engineers
  • GenSkill – a part task trainer designed to train maintainers in the use of hand tools
  • Cockpit Procedure Trainers (CPT) for Lynx, Hawk and Tucano aircraft
  • Sectioned aircraft components, including Fuel Control Units (FCU) and Gearboxes
  • Lynx Maintainer and Weapons Trainer (LMWT)

Product Support

Pennant has a proven track record in providing and supporting a wide range of technology based training solutions for the UK’s Armed services and the forces of overseas governments. Pennant has a dedicated support organisation with on-going support contracts for its own extensive installed base and third party training systems, including:

  • Service Provision Contract with UK MoD Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Agency for over 120 aircraft related training devices at DCAE Cosford, Sultan & Arborfield, RAFC Cranwell and RAF Odiham
  • CLS Contract with UK MoD Equipment & Support (DE&S) Agency for training devices at DCAE Cosford, RAFC Cranwell and RAF Brize Norton
  • CLS Contract with UK MoD Equipment & Support (DE&S) Agency for training devices at DCAE Cosford and RAF Henlow
  • Service supply contract with Thales Services for support of Pennant-produced Cockpit Procedure Trainers (CPT) and Animated Display Units (ADU) under their FiAST support contract.
  • Support contract with BAE Australia for the Hawk LIF Training Devices.
  • Support Contract with British Energy for the support of Pennant and third party training devices.