R4i LTS S1000D

In Collaboration With OneStrand

Support operation and maintenance of complex assets
by extending logistics product data into dynamic S1000D electronic publications.

Improve the efficiency of your technical teams

Technology collaboration is the key to obtaining the full potential of Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) and the resulting Logistics Product Data (LPD). By connecting the LPD in OmegaPS to the R4i CSDB Suite, S1000D technical publications and training materials are dynamically produced and distributed to end users of the asset.

Integrate two proven technology products

Pennant’s OmegaPS is an innovative-logistics system that uses one consolidated database as a core repository for structuring and managing all logistics data. OmegaPS supports the following Integrated Logistics Support data standards: SAE-GEIA-0007, MIL- STD-1388-2B, DEF STAN 00-60 DEF AUST 5692, and ASD S3000L.

OneStrand’s R4i LTS module generates S1000D compliant Data Modules (DMs) for maintenance manuals, operating manuals and SCORM compliant training materials. With online, offline and Portal distribution of content to mobile devices, these systems are designed to link engineering through to operational support.

Seamlessly deliver approved quality technical data from a single trusted source

When used together the OmegaPS LSAR and R4i CSDB Suite dynamically produces technical data to meet the requirements of ASD S1000D, CAWG CMP’s, MIL-STD-3031, DEF-AUST 5629B, C-01-100-100 /AG-002 dual column, and other industry delivery specifications.