LSAR Software and Services

The Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) approach is a system developed by the military sector to ensure that all aspects of through-life support are considered during the design and development of equipment supplied to the armed forces. Although originally developed for military purposes, the philosophy has also been widely adopted in, various forms and guises, by general industry.

The volume and diversity of data to be gathered, recorded and manipulated, together with the comprehensive range of reports to be generated, clearly required the development of a dedicated software application. Accordingly, Logistics Support Analysis Report (LSAR) software was developed by a small number of highly specialized software houses.

Pennant is proud to have been at the forefront of developments with our OmegaPS™ suite - now recognized as the world's most advanced LSAR software. The commercial, packaged solutions conform to international standards, and are supported in service by our experienced development teams across the globe. Our teams have the knowledge and capability to support the packaged application and to provide tailored and bespoke solutions.

With the growth of enterprise-wide solutions, Pennant has developed a strong capability to integrate OmegaPS applications with other solutions. Our technical expertise and collaborative approach have been essential elements in many successful projects, involving corporate client systems and joint solutions with other systems houses.

The products are supported via a dedicated support network through our offices in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. In addition, distributors operate in the Czech Republic, Israel and China (Beijing).