OmegaPS Analyzer License Renewal with the Canadian Department of National Defence

Pennant Canada Limited is proud to announce the renewal of the license agreement with the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) to develop and produce OmegaPS Analyzer.

Since 1996 Pennant’s OmegaPS Analyzer, based upon Defence Research Development Canada (DRDC) specific algorithms, has provided a fast, accurate and user-friendly optimisation tool that helps analysts make educated product support life-cycle decisions for Life Cycle Costing, Sparing-Supply Chain Requirements, and Level of Repair Analysis.

The Analyzer product commercializes more than 50 years of defence science research in analytics and computer modelling.

President & COO, Jonathan Patterson, stated the following about the extended contract:

“For Pennant the renewal of the Analyzer Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) License Agreement means more than just software, rather it reflects the long-lasting relationship Pennant has with DND that is predicated on trust and commitment to ILS excellence.”

Graham Brum, Analyzer Product Manager, commented:

“It is exciting to extend our long-term relationship with DND. I have worked with many defence scientists during 25 years of developing this world-class product. There are many new features coming in for OmegaPS Analyzer, that were defined by DRDC and developed by the Pennant team. These will move supportability modelling to the next level.”

Pennant recognizes that the need to effectively support and sustain complex assets is more important today than ever before, with the ability to use OmegaPS Analyzer’s modern computing technology through this shared development environment moves the yard stick forward.

OmegaPS Analyzer is recognized internationally and provides the analytical expertise for governments and industry around the world.

We look forward to our future collaboration with DRDC and Industry Partners as we innovate and advance Analyzer for the next generation of system and maintenance engineers and materiel practitioners.