Our newest OmegaPS™ release has some key software changes for the Core application, as well as GEIA-0007, Canadian and Australian modules. Using your Forums and Downloads access, you will be able to download this release. If you have not yet contacted us to receive your account to do this, please contact your local Pennant office to have one created.


  • Complete re-work of Database Initialization functionality - new functionality now certified with all combinations of OmegaPS add-ons, and works for both 10g and 11g variants. This allows system admin users to re-set OmegaPS instances to a post installation (empty) state with the exception of the Security data for application, users, teams, non-project privileges, and preference data, which is preserved. All other data whether project specific or security admin settings for specific modules such as RCM logics are cleared out. Thus enabling users to have a ‘clean’ instance for testing/re-work as required.


  • Locked OmegaPS instances where the number of Logins has been exceeded customers needed Oracle DBA privileges to ‘clear’ all logins to re-set the product for user access. This has been improved by adding the reset of unwanted logins to the security module of OmegaPS product so no need for external DBA/IT services. Security Administration team member(s) will be presented with these dialogs / screens when attempting to log on, thus allowing for the situation to be cleared from within the product:



  • OmegaPS now fully certified with the latest Java 7 updates (Log 31872) and we continue to align OmegaPS versions with the latest Java updates.
  • Product security has been improved removing the ability to access specific forms via URLs the product can now only be started from the URL MAIN forms.
  • Improved error handling for standard reports - a report generation failure will now display the root cause, rather than the generic “Report has failed” error. This can be communicated to Pennant Support, thus speeding up the resolution time for certain report failures
  • Embedded Sub-Task Referencing revised – CC narrative ‘embedded tags’ are now treated as plain text post-insertion. This prevents potential conflicts occurring when uploading mismatched data from: CC, SSE, SPI, and Task level related rollups.


  • Rework of how numerous narrative screens display text making it easier for users to review and edit.
  • Various navigation and presentation improvements to enable the user to more effectively enter and manage data.
  • Enabled the LSA036 Update/Change Report
  • Improved rules for dealing with converting common data
  • Further enhancements to the Chinese translation hub to align the latest versions of OmegaPS with Mandarin.

Commercial Canadian Provisioning / Canadian DND

  • Added additional user guides as IETMs linked to Help Menu for Commercial Canadian Provisioning and Commercial Embedded Publications. This capability will only be visible when these modules are enabled.
  • Enabled a significant portion of the Canadian DND specific capability to be able to be used with the GEIA 0007 Application. This will enable DND to receive GEIA 0007 exchange files and allow for the addition of DND attributes to the receive LSAR for in-service use.
  • Improved Canadian DND English only Illustrated Parts Manual generation to address requirements identified by VICTORIA Class.
  • Replacement of the tree functionality in ‘Functional RCM’ module has improved access times and easier tree navigation

Australian ADO

  • DEF(AUST)5692 Issue 2 module (aka ‘ADO2’) – Completed, with minor updates based on ADO feedback. This is an add-on module to extend the DEF(AUST)5692 Issue 1 ‘ADO Module’ functionality to support the recently revised publication. New functionality Includes: Extended Work Area Code evaluations, revised ADO specific RCM tables and functionality, creation of MMI Servicing’s.
  • ‘ADO’ module splash screens updated to clearly indicate ADO (Issue 1) or ADO2 (Issue2) modes of operation.