Progress Management

Now you can monitor and track engineering activities in real-time within OmegaPS™ using the new OmegaPS: PM (Progress Management) module.

Working with BAE Nimrod team we identified a need to monitor, and track activity (called 'Actions') within the OmegaPS LSAR as data changes and/or new data is added to a project. Engineers need to be aware of the status of Actions with a visual reminder of what they need undertake, such as analyse, re-analyse, do nothing or perhaps just be aware of changes.

OmegaPS: PM achieves this and more in a unique way within the OmegaPS suite. Because OmegaPS: PM is totally integrated into the core OmegaPS: PS LSAR the status of any action on any activity is presented accurately and in real time to the engineers on-screen. In addition a history of all actions is maintained with reasons for any changes logged, providing a full audit trail of actions undertaken as the LSAR evolves.

Key Features

Cascade A powerful automatic cascade that when any progress status at a level changes then higher and lower level items identified in a user determined logic tree automatically setting the 'Actions' to a pre-defined status.

Hot Button Because OmegaPS: PM is integrated, the OmegaPS: PM status and history screens can be accessed by a hot button from any of the OmegaPS: PS data screens related to the OmegaPS: PM activity.

Configurable Project managers can set their own progress status marks, define actions and define the cascade logic. Teams can be assigned their own areas of responsibility but have visibility of the status of all actions.

Data Maturity Project managers can set their own data maturity definitions.

Audit Log On screen log of all the Actions, their status, data maturity, listed chronologically against engineer and date, with the reason for that change.

Outputs Output for any team the action status for any particular progress mark, for example to show what the 'Reliability' team have in 'Re-work'. Tailored outputs to meet additional analysis requirements such as provisioning or training can be provided.

Setting Up OmegaPS: PM

OmegaPS: PM is fully configurable to meet the specific business processes decided on by any project or program. Within the Security Administration module of OmegaPS: PS the configuration of OmegaPS: PM is carried out and covers 5 areas:

  1. Mark Details: Here we set up the library of the types of progress marks for the company. E.g. Work, Re-work, To-do etc. For each progress mark we can set what are the following marks allowed to be entered by the engineer once he actions the progress mark.
  2. Action Details: Against pre-determined 'Action Types' such as Candidate Item, or Maintenance Task, 'Actions' can be defined as a library. For example 'Support Equipment Identified', and 'Provisioned Item Identified'. Then the logic tree can be built to identify that for the status of that Action what the existing status for following actions will change to. In addition relevant data maturity levels (see Data Maturity) can be assigned fort hat Action.
  3. Team Actions: Here we set up what actions are owned by what Teams. For example 'Reliability Team' may only own the 'Reliability Prediction' Action but the 'Maintainability Team' may own 'Design Data', 'Failure Mode Task', 'Support Equipment Identified', and 'Provisioned Item Identified' Actions.
  4. Data Maturity: In effect a library is set up for the types of data maturity to be assigned to particular action.
  5. Managed Projects: Here projects are attached to the Progress Management function.

Example: This is a very simple example of how the logic would flow: Team A is responsible for Action Type 'Maintenance Policy' Team B is responsible for Action Type ' Failure Mode Task'.


Team B can see they now have analysis work to do for Failure Mode Tasks for LEAA. In practise the switching from TO-DO to DONE of the Maintenance Policy may set off a large cascade through many follow on actions automatically switching their status providing visibility to the engineers of further work, re-work or whatever the logic has been set to.

In addition there are pre-defined 'Reasons for Change' displayed against each action when automatic switching through the Cascade occurs. However if an engineer manually switches the status he can enter his own reason for that change.

All changes are logged with the date and the reason for change and can be displayed on screen via a hot button, providing a full audit trail of all the changes made to any 'Actions'.

In Summary

OmegaPS: PM provides organisations with a low cost means to monitor and track their work status whilst the LSAR data evolves. It provides a fast real-time picture for engineers enabling them to carry out their analysis efficiently without having to set up external procedures to fulfil the requirement. With various outputs and downloads, data transfers, reporting and other analysis can be undertaken on data that is in the correct state. This saves much wasted re-work and re-analysis time. Being part of the OmegaPS: PS suite ensures continues compliance under our maintenance contracts as the OmegaPS: PS suite is updated.