Impact Analysis

This powerful analysis module allows you to assess the impact of loading a full file into OmegaPS™ prior to committing the data to the database.

The load file (Project A) is stored in temporary tables and then compared with:

  • The data against Project A in the database.
  • Another Project (B) with which you also would like to compare. Perhaps a Master Project into which Project A is to be added later.
  • The common data (parts, support equipment, skills, facilities etc.) stored in the database.


This is very useful if you are receiving sub-contractor data and need to be sure there is no risk to existing data within your database from the new data.

The process when finished produces 2 reports:

  • Report 1
    Identifies the additions deletions and changes that will occur if you proceed with the upload.
  • Report 2
    Lists teams against tables to review Report 1 outputs for agreement to continue or reject.