The Sparing Model

Sparing is primarily designed to determine the optimal allocation of the quantity of repairable spares within a defined maintenance organization, resulting in, minimum inventory requirements for a stated equipment measure of effectiveness (MOE) or, maximum MOE for a given spares investment. In other words most availability for least cost!


Sparing Analysis

Effective sparing analysis optimizes the allocation and quantity of spares to achieve a desired system goal at minimum cost. Sparing is important since spare parts frequently account for 25% to 50% of the cost of equipment. Poor sparing can result in overspending (when unnecessary spares are bought), decreased effectiveness of the system (if wrong spares are bought,) and even mission failure (if the necessary spares are unavailable). It is essential that the investment in spare items provides the required level of availability of the supported system for minimum cost.


Input your spares budget and OmegaPS Analyzer will optimize the spares to maximize the availability within that budget. Input the required availability and OmegaPS Analyzer will indicate the spares required to meet that availability at minimum cost. OmegaPS Analyzer produces reports, which indicate:

  • Spares to be purchased;
  • Where to stock the spares;
  • Measure of Effectiveness.

OmegaPS Analyzer allows you to make the choices. The user selects the Analysis Modes and the Measures of Effectiveness (MOE).