Point of Maintenance

OmegaPS™ Point Of Maintenance directly accesses the OmegaPS supportability-engineering database to present maintenance data in the form of an IETM. Engineers can use this for carrying out their maintenance tasks or as a review process of an evolving supportability engineering analysis.

Allows searches of the physical or functional structure of the equipment; view any additional information, such as illustrations and parts details quickly.

Search by repairable items, or look up preventative or corrective maintenance actions sorted by various criteria such as 'Daily', Weekly, etc.

A troubleshooting chart leads to step-by-step procedures and identifies the tools, spares and personnel required to carry out a repair activity. In addition supporting information can be invoked.

Detailed procedure descriptions including supporting diagrams, videos etc. are available on line. Any activity can be timed and logged into a Maintenance Activity Report (MAR). The MAR is created by the engineer for feedback to improve or correct any deficiencies in the repair activity undertaken.