Pennant Int’l Group

Pennant International Group plc was established over 50 years ago. The Group comprises six wholly owned subsidiaries and operates worldwide, with offices in Europe, North America and Australasia.

The Company is UK-based with Head Offices in Cheltenham and operational facilities in Cheltenham, Manchester and Fareham. Pennant's growth has been organic, through a combination of product expansion, customer development and acquisition.

In addition to our operational centres worldwide, the Group has collaborative arrangements with a strategic range of partners and agents in many countries and can truly claim a global presence.

The following sections contain more information about Pennant's structure, objectives and policies.

Group Overview

Pennant offers a range of services that extend across e-Learning, Computer Based Training, Emulation and Simulation, Technical Documentation, Media Services, Cartography, Supportability Engineering Software products and related services.

Pennant provides a range of capabilities through 3 operating divisions, with offices and production facilities world-wide.

  • Pennant International Group plc
    • Training Systems
      • Specialist Training Systems based on:
        • Software Emulation
        • Hardware Emulation
      • Computer Based Training and e-Learning for Engineer Training
    • Information Services
      • Technical Documentation including:
        • Authoring and Illustration
        • IPC Compiling
      • e-Learning in support of Technical and Softskills products.
      • Graphic Design and Media Services
    • Software Services
      • Software tools used in the support of engineering assets.

Group Policy Statement

Pennant International Group shall be a progressive successful internationally based team that is admired for delivering expertise, superior technical solutions and standard setting performance. Our mission is to grow the business by being our customers' preferred supplier offering an innovative range of products and services demonstrating a superior use of technology and by providing quality and service through the development of long term customer relations resulting in always being the supplier of choice.

We will achieve this mission by always listening and reacting to our customer's requirements, needs, and expectations.


We will continue to provide quality services and products, whilst striving to improve and build on the existing quality foundations of our business in accordance with BS ISO9001:2008.

Business Ethics

We shall conduct our business acting responsibly and with integrity, respecting the laws and regulations, traditions and cultures of the countries within which we operate.


We are an equal opportunities employer and regard the development of our staff as a development of our business.


We are active in our duty to keep secure both our own materiel and also that of our customers and suppliers.

Health & Safety

Healthy and Safe working conditions for our own personnel and any related workers are considered a prerequisite at any site at which we operate.


Any effects of our operations on the environment are continually assessed and refined.

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